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本文摘要:专题二 名词1. (2018襄阳26.)—Mom, I’m thirteen now. Can I ride a bike to school?—Yes, you can. But you must follow the traffic _______on the way.A. rules B. planes C. safety D. accident 2.(2018?深圳9.) —Simon always reads for half an hour before bed


专题二 名词1. (2018襄阳26.)—Mom, I’m thirteen now. Can I ride a bike to school?—Yes, you can. But you must follow the traffic _______on the way.A. rules B. planes C. safety D. accident 2.(2018?深圳9.) —Simon always reads for half an hour before bedtime every day. —That's a good_______. Reading makes a full man.A. dream B. wish C. habit3. (2018?深圳11.)—I'm looking forward to the final of the 2018 World Cup. —Me, too. I hope the German team will be the____. It's my favorite.A. player B. winner C. loser4. (2018?广东省32.)The three upstairs are too small to have enough for a double bed. A. room, room B. room, rooms C. rooms, room D. rooms, rooms5. (2018?海南中考28.) David likes taking photos, so his father bought him a______ last week.A. camera B. dictionary C. bicycle6. (2018?河北27.)Did you hear the ______? A scientist will visit our school. A. advice B. news C. praise D. choice7. (2018?河南中考23.) —It’s useless to regret what has been done. Don’t make those mistakes again. —I won’t. That’s a(n) _____ A. order B. decision C. promise D. agreement8. (2018?江西32.) I live near a big_____. It gets very noisy on match days. A. hospital B. store C. bank D. playground9. (2018菏泽22.)Now more and more schools care for the full ___ of the students’ talents.A. development B. agreement C. preparation10. (2018?山西25.) Reading the first ______ of each paragraph before you read the whole text helps you get the main idea quickly. A. letter B. word C. sentence 11. (2018?新疆28.) Hurry up! Some _______ and _______ are on sale in the supermarket. A. tomato; egg B. tomatoes; egg C. tomatoes; eggs D. tomato; eggs 12. (2018福建A卷31.) —I don’t know how to use the APP Fun Dubbing.— Ask Jimmy for help. He has lots of _______ in doing it.A. experience B. trouble C. courage13. (2018?滨州23.)—Nick, I lost my pen and I couldn’t find _________ anywhere.—There are many pens in that box. Just take __________.A. it; it B. it; one C. one; it D. one; one14. (2018?东营19.)—Let’s see what food you’ve got for dinner. —Look, we have mutton, fish, eggs, tomatoes and _______ .A. milk B. bread C. coffee D. juice15. (2018?东营24.)— Hi, Li Mei. How is your new school?— Fantastic. We can choose the courses according to our_______. I love operas, so I took the Beijing Opera class.A. grades B. talents C. interests D. experiences16. (2018?东营32.) —An American boy made a wheelchair for his wounded goldfish. —Well done! Animals deserve (应该获得) love and good _______ as humans. A. life B. chance C. luck D. environment17. (2018潍坊23.)The Three Gorges Dam produces________ for millions of people in China. A. electricity B. influence C. transport D. technology18. (2018?达州22.)—What do you think of The Belt and Road Initiative(一带一路倡议)?—Great!It will help China improve the ______ with those related countries.A.relationship B.agreement C.environment D.information19. (2018?达州26.)—Which country do you think will win the first prize of the ______ FIFA World Cup?—You mean the football match will be held in ______?A.twenty-one;Russia B.twenty-first;Russian C.twenty-first;Russia D.twenty-one;Russian20. (2018?重庆A23.)—I have a bad cold.—Sorry to hear that. You'd better go to see a _________ at once.A. doctor B. cook C. writer D. farmer21. (2018?青岛中考1.)Could you please put some _____ in my cup? I’d like sweet coffee.A. sugar B. salt C. ice D. pepper22. (2018?安徽32.)—What is the ______ of your excellent spoken English? —Practice makes perfect! A. result B. influence C. duty D. secret23. (2018?南京11.) —Do you have this T-shirt in a small ________?—I’m afraid not. It only comes in medium.A. size B. colour C. material D. taste24. (2018?天津24.) Her smile made me feel warm and lively. It was like a hidden________. A. competition B. interview C. treasure D. tradition25. (2018?重庆B卷33.)—How far is it from Chongqing to Guiyang?—It’s about two _____ ride by high-speed train.A. hour B. hour’s C. hours D. hours’26. (2018?苏州6.) The boy has been missing for five days and his parents are worried about his . A. attention B. safety C. action D. growth27. (2018?凉山29.)Many foreigners came to our school last week, including three and four .A. German, American B. Germans, AmericanC. Germans, Americans D. German, Americans 28. (2018?武汉中考36.) —Kate, I’m going shopping. Anything to buy for you?—Yes, that will save me a ______.A. hand B. trip C. visit D. bill参考谜底1. A 考察名词词义辨析。句意:——妈妈,我现在十三岁了。我可以骑自行车去学校吗?——是的,你可以。可是在路上,你必须遵守交通规则。

rule规则;plane飞机;safety宁静;accident 事故。路上应该遵守“交通规则”。故选A。2. C 考察语境分析&词义辨析。

句意:——西蒙天天在睡觉前都市读半小时的书。——这是个好习惯。念书使人充实。A选项dream表现“梦想”; B选项wish表现“愿望;希望”; C选项habit表现“习惯”,凭据句意可知此题选C。

3.B 考察语境分析&词义辨析。句意:——我期待这2018世界杯的决赛。——我也是。

我希望德国队会成为冠军。这是我最喜欢的球队。A player 运发动;B winner冠军,胜利者;C loser 失败者; 凭据句意可知选B 4. C考察名词的用法。句意:楼上的三个房间都太小了,以至于没有足够的空间容纳一张双人床。

题干中three后跟可数名词rooms“房间”,而room表现“空间”时为不行数名词。故选C。5. A 【剖析】考察名词辨析。由前半句大卫喜欢照相可推断他父亲上周给他买了台相机。

camera“相机”;dictionary“字典”;bicycle“自行车”。故选A。6. B 考察名词词义辨析。句意:你听说这个消息了吗?一位科学家将要造访我们的学校。

advice意见;news新闻,消息;C. praise表彰,赞扬;D. choice 选择,决议。凭据语境可知,应是听说这个消息。故选B。7. C 【剖析】考察名词词义辨析。


——我不会了,这是___。order 顺序,下令;decision刻意;promise答应;agreement 协议。凭据句意应选C。

8. D 考察名词词义辨析。句意:我住在一家大___四周。它在角逐日很是喧华。


故选D。9. A【剖析】考察名词辨析。


10. C 考察名词词义辨析。句意:在你读整篇文章之前读每段的第一句话能够资助你快速明白主旨。letter信,字母;word单词;sentence句子。人们一般凭据句首的主题句来相识段意,故选C。

11. C 考察名词的数。句意:快点儿!一些西红柿和鸡蛋正在超市里出售。tomato和egg都是可数名词,由前面的形容词some可知,此处均应用名词复数形式。

故选C。12. A 考察名词辨析。



13. B 考察代词词义辨析。句意:——尼克,我的钢笔丢了,而且我随处找不到它。——盒子里有许多钢笔。

只管拿一只。one一个,指代前面提到同类的人或物;it它,指代前面同一物;故选B。14. B【剖析】考察名词词义辨析。

句意:——让我们看看你们为 晚饭都准备了什么食物?——瞧!我们有羊肉、鱼肉、鸡蛋、西红柿和________。milk牛奶;bread面包;coffee咖啡;juice果汁。由题干中的“What food you’ve got”,可知答语提供的应该是食物类名词。

milk, coffee和juice都是饮料类,故用bread。故选B。15. C【剖析】考察名词词义辨析。


grade分数,品级;talent才气;interest喜好,兴趣;experience履历,履历。由答语中的“I love operas”可知:可以凭据自己的“兴趣”选择课程。

故选C。16. A 【剖析】考察名词词义辨析。句意:——一个美国男孩给他的受伤的金鱼制作了一个轮椅。

——做得不错!动物应该像人类一样获得爱和洽的________。life生活;chance时机;luck运气;environment情况。凭据“made a wheelchair for his wounded goldfish”可判断这里表现动物也应该受到“关爱,过上幸福的生活”。

故选A。17. A【剖析】考察名词辨析。


故选择A。18. A 考察名词词义辨析。


improve the relationship意为“改善……关系”。故选A。

19. C 考察数词和名词辨析。句意:——你认为哪个国家会获得第21届世界杯的第一名? ——你说的是在俄罗斯举行的足球赛吗?从句意知,第一个空需要用序数词,第二个空指的是国家。故选C。

20. A考察名词辨析。句意为:——我伤风了。——听到这我很惆怅。


21. A【剖析】考察不行数名词的用法辨析。句意:你能在我的茶杯里加些糖吗?我想要甜咖啡。由第二句中“sweet coffee”,可知茶杯里需要加sugar(糖)。

故选A。22. D 考察名词词义辨析。句意:——你能说一口流利的英语的秘诀是什么?——熟能生巧。


23. A 考察名词辨析。句意:?—这种T恤有小码吗?—恐怕没有,这种只有中码。size尺寸;colour颜色;material质料;taste气势派头,风味。

凭据答句“comes in medium”可知此处问的是尺寸。故选A。

24. C【剖析】考察名词词义的辨析。句意:他的微笑让我感应温暖而充满活力,就像是隐藏的宝藏。competition表现“角逐,竞赛”,interview表现“面试;采访”,treasure表现“财富,宝藏”,tradition表现“传统”。凭据句意可知用treasure。

故选C。25. D 考察名词所有格。句意:——重庆到贵阳距离多远?——坐高铁或许两个小时的车程。

这里”two hours’”作形容词修饰ride,故选D。26. B 考察名词用法辨析。句意:这个男孩已经失踪5天了,他的怙恃担忧他的宁静。attention注意,safety宁静,action行动,growth发展。


27. C 考察名词。表现国家人的名词单复数规则:中日稳定,英法变,其余s加后面。German德国人,复数形式后面加s, American美国人,复数形式也是后面加s。

故谜底选C。28. B【剖析】考察名词词义辨析。句意:——Kate,我要去买工具。

给你买点工具?——好的。那将帮我省一趟腿。hand“手”,give me a hand “资助我”;trip“(短途)旅行”,save me a trip“资助我省了一趟腿”;visit“造访”;bill“账单”;凭据句意,故选B。