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本文摘要:Topic3 The school sports meet is coming.【重点单词】exciting adj.令人激动的,使人兴奋的[ɪksaɪtɪŋ]After watching the exciting film, everyone was excited.看完那部激感人心的影戏后,每小我私家都很兴奋。


Topic3 The school sports meet is coming.【重点单词】exciting adj.令人激动的,使人兴奋的[ɪk'saɪtɪŋ]After watching the exciting film, everyone was excited.看完那部激感人心的影戏后,每小我私家都很兴奋。relay race接力赛In P. E. class, the teacher let us have a 400 -meter relay race.体育课上,老师让我们举行400米接力赛。

hear v.听见,听到[hɪə]Did you hear someone knock at the door?你听见有人敲门了吗?message n.信息;消息['mesɪdʒ]May I take a message for you?我能给你留个口信吗?theater n.剧场,戏院[ˈθɪətə]There are many people in the theater.剧院里有许多人line n.线;线条;电话线路[laɪn]He often goes online.他经常上网。modern adj.现代的[ˈmɒd(ə)n]Nowadays, modern science and technology has been greatly developed.如今,现代科学技术已经获得了很大的生长。motto n.箴言,格言[ˈmɒtəʊ]There are many mottoes in this book.这本书里有许多格言。

Olympics n.奥林匹克运动会ring n.环形物(如环,圈,戒指等);铃声v.打电话;(钟、铃等)响[rɪŋ]symbol n.象征,标志[ˈsɪmb(ə)l]The pyramid is the symbol of Egypt.金字塔是埃及的象征。stand v.站立;位于;忍受,蒙受[stænd]I can't stand my mother's nagging.我受不了我母亲的唠叨。stand for代表,象征The dove stands for peace.鸽子代表宁静。least adv.最少,最少量pron.最少的;水平最轻的[liːst]at least至少,不少于At least ten students in our class got full marks in the exam.我们班至少有十个学生在考试中得了满分。

nowadays adv.现今,现在[ˈnaʊədeɪz]Nowadays, more and more people leave the countryside to inquire about the city.compete v.竞争,反抗[kəmˈpiːt]chance n.时机,机缘[tʃɑːns]Good opportunities /chances are always reserved for those who are prepared.好时机总是留给有准备的人。host n.主办国(或都会、机构);主人v.举行,主办;做主人招待[həʊst]The host country of the 2008 Olympic Games is China.2008年奥运会的主办国是中国。feel v.以为,感应[fiːl]I have a bad cold and a headache,I feel very uncomfortable.我得了重伤风,还头疼,我以为很不舒服。

beginning n.开头,开端[bɪ'gɪnɪŋ]At the beginning of the sentence, a figurative sentence is used.在句首使用比喻句。whether conj.是否['weðə]I'm not sure if /weather he will come to my birthday party.我不能肯定他是否会来到场我的生日聚会。goldn.金,金子 adj.金色的It's gold who always shines. [ɡəʊld]总是闪闪发光的是金子。


The golden sunshine spreads all over the earth in the morning.早晨,金色的阳光洒满大地。medaln.奖章;勋章[ˈmed(ə)l]The soldier got a lot of medals.这名士兵获得了许多勋章。

badly adv.差;很,很是;严重地['bædli]able adj.能够;有能力的['eɪbl]He is able to finish the work.他能完成这项事情。really adv.答话时表现感兴趣或惊讶;真正地['rɪəli]another pron.另一(事物某人)[ə'nʌðəbreak v.(使)破,碎;打破(记载)[breɪk]freestyle n.自由泳;自由式adj.自由式的Xiao Ming learned to freestyle swimming .小明学会了自由泳。male adj.男性的;男的[meɪl]swimmer n.(会)游泳者record n.记载;唱片v.记载,纪录[ˈrekɔːd]successful adj.获得乐成的[səkˈsesfʊl]Jamaican adj.牙买加(人)的Where is he from?他是那里人?He is from Jamaica.他来自牙买加。

Is he Jamaican?他是牙买加人吗?widely adv.普各处;广泛地['waɪdli]regard v.认为…是;把…视为[rɪ'gɑːd]Humans regard dogs as their friends.人类把狗看成他们的朋侪。【重点短语】1. join the English club 加入英语俱乐部2. host the 2008 Olympics 举行2008年奥运会3. fill out 填出/填好4. go on 发生,举行5. all the interesting places 所有有趣的地方6. quite a lot 相当多7. make friends with… 与……交朋侪I like to make friends with cheerful people.我喜欢与性格开朗的人做朋侪。8. be afraid of 恐怕The weather forecast says it will rain today.I'm afraid the sports meeting will be put off.天气预报说今天会下雨。

我恐怕运动会要推迟了。9. be free 有空I'm very busy today. l am not free. (=l don't have time)我今天很忙。我没空。(=我没有时间)10. see you then 再见11. win the first gold medal 赢得第一枚金牌At the 2008 Olympic Games, he won the first gold medal for our country.在2008年奥运会上,他为我们国家赢得了第一枚金牌。

12. get 28 gold medals 获得28枚金牌13. the winner of the first gold medal 第一枚金牌的获胜者14. every four years 每四年,每隔三年15. the mascot for the Beijing Olympics 北京奥运会的祥瑞物16. behave well 举止得体17. improve the environment 改善情况18. plant trees and grass 种植花卉树木19. a symbol of… 一种……的象征20. stand for 代表21. the five parts of the world 世界的五大部门22. do morning exercises 做早操23. be fond of (doing) sth. 喜欢(做)某事【重点句型】1. Could you tell me your name?你能告诉我你的名字吗?= What’s your name?2. What do you do? = What’s your job? = What are you? 你是干什么的?3. Beijing will host the 2008 Olympics. 北京将主办2008年奥运会。4. More and more foreign friends ride in my taxi (= take my taxi) now. 现在越来越多的外国朋侪搭我的出租车.5. Speaking English will help me a lot. 说英语将对我有很大资助。6. Please fill it out. 请把它填好.7. What will the weather be like this weekend?= How will the weather be this weekend? 本周末的天气怎样?8. There will be more roads in Beijing. 在北京将会有更多的马路.9. When shall we meet? 我们什么时候晤面?10. Let’s make it half past seven. 咱们把时间定在七点半吧。